How to Boost Affiliate Earnings from a Website

Affiliate marketing remains one of the top ways bloggers can make money. It is one of the simplest ways to make money through blogging too. But that doesn’t mean that just randomly adding affiliate links on your website will make you money. A lot of people have difficulty making a substantial income through affiliate offers simply because they don’t execute them properly. If you’re struggling to earn significant affiliate commissions with your site, here are a few tips that you can boost your earnings.

Add a Coupons and Deals Section

No matter what niche you’re in, there’s a good chance that your readers would love to get access to different deals. You could capitalize on this by adding a coupon and deals section to your site. The way you earn through coupons is by getting a commission for every sale that is completed using a coupon code. It’s a very simple way to make money and adding a coupon section to a site is much easier than many people imagine. All you need is a great coupon plugin and you could have a coupon section set up in one day. So, look at different plugins out there and see how you could integrate this into your website.

Choose Better Affiliate Programs

If you are not making money from affiliate marketing, it could be because of the affiliate program that you picked. Amazon is a very popular affiliate program and one of the first names people think about when they get into affiliate marketing. But few people know how bad their program is for novices.

The thing with Amazon is that they sell mainly physical products. This means that they have to consider margins and cannot offer big commissions. The starting commission rate is around 10%, which means that you would only make $10 on a $100 sale. This is why you should consider looking at info products instead.

It’s not uncommon for info products to offer 50% commission or more since the production costs are negligible. If you want to find great info-products to promote, check out Clickbank. They have products for virtually every niche on the planet, so you shouldn’t have any issues finding products that will fit your blog.

Sell Big Ticket Items

If you absolutely want to sell physical products, then you should concentrate on selling big-ticket items instead. A 10% commission on a small product might offer disappointing returns, but a 10% commission on a product that cost a thousand dollars or more becomes more interesting. So, try to see if you could push more expensive products, and make sure that they are products people are likely to buy online. We would also suggest that you have a few reviews or add a review section to your website as people are not likely to simply buy a big-ticket item after following a link in some widget.

So, if you’re having trouble with your affiliate marketing efforts, try using these tips. Sometimes, all it takes is for you to change your view of online marketing and broaden your horizons.

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