A Guide to Kratom Dosage: How Much of What and When?

Kratom is a natural but very potent substance which can have different effects on the human brain, depending on not just the product’s origin and authenticity, but also on dosage, physiology, tolerance, and the desired results. In this post, we are going to discuss all of that and more.

Dosage Based on the Strain

There are three main variations of the Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) leaf known to man, with several variations existing under each subspecies based on location. Although kratom leaves in general do share common attributes, their effects as well as the dosage necessary to experience the desired effects will differ quite a bit, especially depending on whether the kratom was derived from green veined, white veined, or red veined kratom leaves.

However, there is a standard recommendation chart which is roughly applicable to all strains of kratom. If you follow the standard chart and your kratom is of good quality, then you will experience different effects that are typical of that particular type of leaves that they were derived from. You will find the primary effects/uses for each kratom strain listed next, followed by the standard dosage chart.

  • Red vein kratom: Powerful sedative, pain reliever, anti-inflammatory agent, stress reliever, anxiolytic, and mild/moderate euphoric agent.
  • White vein kratom: Effective nootropic (boosted focus, reaction time, etc.), and energy booster with mild stress, pain, depression, and anxiety relieving properties.
  • Green vein kratom: Moderate level pain reliever, anti-inflammatory agent, stress reliever, anxiolytic, sedative sleep-aid, and euphoric agent.

The Standard Kratom Dosage Chart

There are a few universally applicable dosage recommendations for kratom and if the substance is genuine, the recommended dosage chart should be able to help you experience the best effects that typical of each differently colored kratom leaf vein:

  • Micro dose: Less than 2 grams
  • Medium/moderate dose: 2-6 grams
  • High dose: 6-8 grams

Above 8 grams can lead to overdosing unless the recipient has grown exceptionally tolerant through overuse, or in case the product is of low quality! Always start with a micro dose as the goal should be focused on getting the maximum possible effect from the lowest possible dose.

Dosage Based on the Kratom’s Origin

Even the strain itself is not the most important factor when it comes to deciding the right dose for desired effects because we have not yet considered the manufacturer. A manufacturer and how they process their kratom is going to be an even bigger factor in determining dosage. For example, Happy Hippo Herbals is well known for providing high quality kratom that usually requires only the minimum dosage to experience intended effects. This is only possible because they are sourcing their leaves from high quality plants and their processing is designed to preserve as much of the original potency as possible.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be expected from every seller/manufacturer so the necessary dosage may vary depending on the source. This holds true even if it’s the same strain of kratom. It’s best to first try out the standard minimum dosage mentioned earlier. In most cases, people find a sweet spot somewhere in between the standard dose recommendations and that of the manufacturer. There are a few other factors that also play a role in deciding how much kratom is necessary for optimum effect. For example, bigger people need higher doses, while occasional users should always stick to micro doses.

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