Mário Peixoto Archives - Rio de Janeiro

The Archives were founded in 1996 by Walter Salles. The curators, Ayla e Saulo Pereira de Mello, take care of an immense collection of manuscripts, scenarios, correspondence, audio tapes as well photographic material and edit publications of and on Mário Peixoto.

The Archives are open for researchers or anyone interested in Mário Peixoto’s work. Please contact the following address for further information:

Arquivo Mário Peixoto
Praça Nossa Sra. Da Glória, 46
Bairro Glória
Rio de Janeiro, RJ
CEP: 22211-110
E-mail: [email protected]

Index of the Mário Peixoto Archives (2003)

Ayla Pereira de Mello, Michael Korfmann and objects from Limite